principal: Katsumi Nakagawa

Introduction of the school and its educational approach by the principal

The Japanese International School Berlin is a full-time school in the German capital of Berlin. The educational goals that we strive to realize here in our school are based on the founding idea of the school. The basic idea of the school’s foundation, which essentially is the goal that our school resolved to achieve, is to provide children of Japanese and other nationalities living in and in the surrounding areas with a primary and secondary education in accordance with the Japanese law. To achieve this goal, our school works closely with parents, the school board, relevant institutions and organizations, neighboring schools, and promotes education that meets the expectations of students and parents.

In addition, the nine-year compulsory education curriculum for the elementary and middle school students is developed through educational activities that take advantage of the unique characteristics of small schools and the rich experiences offered by the Berlin area. We are striving to “cultivate the ability to learn and enhance each other’s abilities” in our students.

In our educational activities, we promote distinctive educational activities utilizing the resources surrounding the Japanese International School of Berlin. We work closely with parents, the board of directors, and school staff to gain their understanding and cooperation through school evaluations and to create an attractive, distinctive, safe, and secure school environment.

As a small school, we aim to enhance and improve academic skills by utilizing the advantages of small class sizes and providing guidance that is carefully tailored to the developmental stages of each student and their individuality. The teachers and staff work hard together to create a school where each student can fully grow as a person by providing classes that build solid academic skills.

The Japanese International School of Berlin, which specializes in international education, offers a wide range of programs, such as history and geography of Berlin/Germany, exchange programs with local schools, visits to the Berlin Philharmonic and the State Opera House, as well as English conversation and German language study by native teachers. The school is open to students of any nationality.

Education is for the happiness of children. We believe that nurturing the strength for life in all children will lead to their present and future happiness. To this end, we will manage the school together with the Board of Directors and parents under the educational goal of “a school where each and every child shines”.