A school where each individual student can shine

  • In a warm atmosphere facilitated by the small class sizes, activities are developed in such a way that each individual student can shine within the group.
  • Through inter-class group activities, the middle school students learn to treat the younger children with respect. The younger pupils can also learn from the older ones by interacting with them.



 Individualized guidance for learners

  • With an understanding of each child’s individuality and academic ability, we provide learning support that gives students a real sense of understanding, success and accomplishment.
  • We focus not only on fundamental skills, but also on developmental and problem-solving learning and have had success in improving the skills needed for entrance exams.



 Unique experiences, because of its location in Berlin

  • The school offers children an immersive opportunity to experience the nature, history, and lifestyle of a city as rich in history and culture as Berlin.